Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reflecting Your Best to Visual Creatures

Ronald Williams

While this might be considered a little shallow, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the fact that men are visual creatures. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop by the plastic surgeon in the morning to remodel yourself into a Victoria’s Secret runway model. Far from it.

However, there are certain things that make women much more attractive to men. For example, men absolutely adore natural beauty. And natural beauty is a relative term. In this context, natural is defined as consistent beauty. The beauty that you exhibit in a tee shirt and jeans should not be a total stretch from your "dressed up" look, but a mere extension. Even if you adorn wigs and weaves, they should compliment your beauty, not hide or masquerade it. This is especially important in online dating. Don't take professional or Glamour Shots for your dating profile.  Not only does it appear unnatural, it demonstrates that you are trying too hard to be attractive. Use a digital camera (never a "selfie"). Digital camera's are practical and reflect a natural, comfortable look. 

Also, in your dating profile, wear form flattering clothes, but nothing overly sexual. If men are visual creatures, too many visuals spoil the prize. And remember, you are exhibiting your prized possession- yourself. Also, if you adopt a more feminine style by wearing skirts and dresses, men will find you more attractive. This is simply because women tend to appear softer and more feminine in dresses. And femininity is the key to attracting masculinity. 

Finally, in your dating profile pictures, strike poses that reflect positively on your personality. "Twerking" or overly accentuating your butt suggests that you are looking to "sexualize" any romantic connection. And this is fine, if that's your intention. But, if you want your emotional needs met, in addition to your physical needs, take pictures that suggest that you would never compromise yourself.  Remember, if you act like a sex kitten, you will be treated as one. So take the high road by leaving something to the imagination.

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