Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What Do Men Adore About Women? (Pt. 1)

If you asked most women today what type of woman men adore and couldn’t live without, they would probably answer that she would have to be an Angela Bassett or Halle Berry Type.  While these types of women would definitely attract a lot of attention, they aren’t necessarily the type of women men adore.

Now ladies, that's really good news for most of you!

You see, while men are visual creatures and that first attraction is sparked from looks, you would be surprised to discover what many men find engaging about women.

For example, a team of sociologists conducted a study, trying to understand if there was a common denominator that men found attractive in women; that one thing that would get any guy to want to go over and strike up a conversation. You would never guess the results. No, it wasn’t her breasts, her legs or her butt. In fact, it wasn’t any body part below her chin and it wasn’t her features, either. 

It was her smile. The majority of men stated that they found nothing as attractive as a woman’s smile. 

Just imagine, how much more engaging and loving you could be if you smiled more. Now, it isn’t recommended that you smile at every man you see. But, just think how you might find your Mr. Right, if you only smiled more, appeared nicer and carried an air of pleasantness.  Don’t be surprised if men walk up to you and say, “I hope this doesn’t sound like a line, but there’s something pleasant and unique about your energy.” In this instance, they will actually mean it.

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