Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Matches Are Made In Online Dating Sites

Online dating opens up possibilities for meeting people and building relationships as well as  getting married.  Once you have signed up for a dating service and uploaded your dating profile into the site, the dating site comes up with different possible matches.   

Online dating sites often advertise their success rates. But how do they determine your possible matches?  They do not just pick out random people and put them in similar categories. Generally, they ask users to answer different questions as a way of aligning them with prospective dates.  

Some experts say that test based sites deliver better results compared to other online dating sites. Test based dating sites are able to factor-in values, behavior, and other psychological aspects when matching users. Free online dating sites match people based on their age, location and other factors, which are provided when building the user’s profile. The user then makes a choice based on what he or she has seen on the dating profile of possible matches.  

On other sites, users state which attributes are important to them. These dating sites rank their choices and each user is given a corresponding score.  The accumulated score helps the site administrator determine which matches may interest the user. Other sites make it more complicated. They use surveys and mathematical algorithms to search for matches. These algorithms are able to “predict” compatibility and if a relationship is possible.

Creating your user profile is very important to Internet sites. Physical attributes like height, weight, and body type are usually the things that people look for in  their possible matches.  Interests and activities, even political and religious beliefs, are factors when searching for dates. In some cultures, online dating sites are not used at all for finding love matches.  These cultures prefer having social conversations rather than dates.  

Online daters are always reminded to be cautious with the personal identification information that they put in their dating profiles, like address, home phone number, full name and employer, and especially a social security number. 

Online dating sites consider different factors when sending possible matches to users.  For example, men are said to be prefer a larger selection of matches belonging in a specific type.  They are also more visually oriented which is why they would prefer responding to women who have attractive photos.  Women, on the other hand, prefer to have “super matches” sent to them.  These “super matches” are supposed to be perfect matches based on all the attributes listed by women.  

Each dating site uses different metrics and factors for matching users. However, in the end, romantic connections are still determined by the chemistry and connection of the individuals once they meet face-to-face.

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