Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Woman’s “Don’ts” for Online Dating

Mark Johnson

There are some things that women should never do while engaged in an online relationship with a man.  These things are certain to put a quick and final end to any further communications with him. 

While chatting online or by email do not write your life story.  His eyes will glaze over and he will fall out of his chair.  Keep it short and sweet until he asks for details…then provide them slowly and only answer the questions he asks.  For instance:  If he asks how many siblings do you have, he is NOT asking for the details of your interaction with them.  He really just wants to know how many you have. Say you have 2 (or whatever is true) and then ask how many he has.  For every question he asks you, you should ask one of him.   Nothing turns a man off like a long-winded woman who just doesn’t know when to shut up or how to listen. 

Never, ever, EVER lie.  I really believe that lies will catch up with you sooner or later.  Many women (and men) lie about their age, marital status, employment, height, weight and a host of other things in their online profiles.  That is a huge mistake.  If you find a man who you are really interested in, he will find out you lied and there goes any possibility of the relationship progressing.  So, just be honest.  There is someone out there who will like you…even come to love you…for exactly the person you are. 

Don’t be too eager.  It makes you look desperate and it really puts a man off.  They are first and foremost conquerors and if getting the person of their desires to like them too is just too easy, they will quickly lose interest. I don’t mean play “hard-to-get.” The wooing process is a dance. He does something to suggest interest and you reciprocate.  You do something to suggest interest and he responds. If you call and leave a message on his answering service and he doesn’t return your call, don’t call him back.  Contrary to power belief, when it comes to emotions and relationship building, men are very detailed oriented. They notice the smallest character flaw that can be counterproductive to a potential relationship. Show interest and let it be known nonverbally that you want to be pursued, but he has to lead. Play it safe and play it cool. 

Mark Johnson is a relationship expert and Internet marketer who specializes in helping women learn how to date online effectively through tele-coaching.

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