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No Winner for Funniest Breakup Video Contest

Due to the lack of participation for our recent Funniest Breakup Video Contest, there was no winner. The Contest ended Monday, February 2, 2015 at 12pm.

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Rekindling New Relationships with Former Lovers, Family & Friends in 2015

Imagine waking up each day thinking about the people you love that are no longer active in your life. You still love them, but through ego or so much time passing by, you think it’s fruitless to reach out to them. There is an old saying that suggests that whatever you resist persists. Meaning, whatever your mind and heart urges you to do will continue until you finally do it. 

Edward Brown of Enchantress Online Dating Institute provides questions and answers about second chances for rebuilding lost relationships.

Q: Why did your institute create a new method for rekindling relationships with old flames, family and friends?

Brown: We conducted a survey at the end of 2014 asking respondents to express a regret that they have and wished could be changed. Although career and spousal choices ranked high, the number one spot belonged to a desire to reunite with old lovers, family and former friends. The loss of a relationship beat out the gain for more money or tangible items as a recurring regret.

Q: Were you surprised by the results of the survey?

Brown: Yes and no. Yes, because I realize that most of us carry around some level of regret based on past experiences. And no, because most people are afraid of rejection. If they reach out to someone and are not received well, they take it personally.

Q: In the past, you have talked about how you got over this fear. How did you do it?

Brown: My grandmother was the central figure in my family. When she died in 2007, the family became more individualized, because there was no more point person. Because my mother cared for my grandmother for many years until my grandmother’s death, it was the first time my mother didn’t have to take care of anyone. So, everyone became “free agents,” and family relationships changed. As a mature adult, I got to see the human side of my mother, which as a dutiful son, you overlook or don’t see, as a child. I didn’t like the human side of my mother and it caused a rift between us. We did not speak to each other for nearly a year. For my own emotional health, I reached out to her to establish a cordial relationship.

Q: Wow! What do you mean by your emotional health?

Brown: While in graduate school in 2010, we would have to do assignments that required us to think about past experiences. My not speaking to my mother would always come to mind, more so, during these assignments. I started thinking, “How would I be able to maintain my sanity, if my mother died while this separation occurred?” I finally reached out to her to reconcile. I can’t say that I did it because I was overly sentimental.  I just could not bear the thought of my inactivity causing self-inflicted, long-term emotional pain.

Q: Is that when you created the Second Chance system?

Brown: No, the system was developed after we received the results of the survey showing the regret respondents had about past breakups and lost friendships. I could emotionally relate to the solution that the system provides based on the experience with my mother. So, the results of the survey made creating the system more personal to me.

Q: If there were one big takeaway from the Second Chances method, what would that be?

Brown: Philosophically, it would be the importance of protecting your emotional health. And from a tactical sense, the importance of writing a persuasive love letter. Comedian Tracy Morgan has talked about the past challenges he had (and reportedly still has) with his mother. He said that if you call and leave a voicemail message, the person could ignore and delete it. If you drop by, the person can merely not open the door. However, if you write and send a letter, it will be read. We come from a culture where if we see something in print, we believe it more. And the curiosity of what’s written in a letter prompts us to read it even if we don’t admit it. 

Your emotional health requires you to act in critical situations.  As long as you do your part, you can cut down on your regrets in life.

One of the things that Second Chances shows you is how to design a compelling love letter. 

Overall, Second Chances is a 5-day free tutorial lesson on how to get loved ones back into your life.

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Second Chances: 7 Ways to Get Your Ex-Love & Friends Back

 Start Your New Year By Reuniting With Old Flames & Friends

Is there a man or woman out there that got away? The one who made you feel like a million dollars and you took him or her for granted? How about your best friend? Can you live with it being over? Particularly, if you are the one to blame.

Imagine being able to rekindle past relationships with lovers and friends. As you start a new year and begin a new chapter in your life, this may be the best time to reach out to the people who meant the most to you. It’s not too late!

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How to Prepare for Greater Online Dating Success in 2015

Online dating is attracting more and more singles. In fact, 11% of American adults—and 38% of those who are currently “single and looking” for a partner—have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps (Smith and Duggan, 2013).  Both women and men have testified to its success, in terms of finding relationships.  This claim could actually be true, since one-third of married couples in the U.S. met online according to NY Daily News (2013).

Edward Brown, founder and chief dating profile writer for Enchantress Online Dating Institute provides questions and answers for women looking for greater online dating success in 2015.

Q: What do you think 2015 holds for Internet dating?

Brown: It will continue to grow due to the difficulty of meeting people in the traditional way.  When was the last time a friend or relative just dropped by to see you without advanced notice? If you’re like me, no one merely drops by anymore. And if you want to see someone, you have to arrange a meeting and confirm the day before the meeting to ensure nothing has changed.  All these layers of formality operate as barriers to personal connections. If you put the “stranger to stranger” aspect of online dating into the mix, you can see why it’s more difficult to enter viable relationships than ever before.

Q: So, how does the Enchantress Online Dating Institute help this situation?

Brown: If you change the lay of the land, you change how people respond to that land. In other words, people will adapt to a changing environment for mere survival. Quite often, women entering this new social environment as empty nesters, divorcees, widows or busy professionals have diminished dating skills, because they have been out of practice for so long. The dating game changes like all things in society. Enchantress Online Dating Institute acts like a finishing school for women who want to get the knowledge for successful online dating and maneuver around "stranger to stranger" challenges.

Q: Did you say finishing school? Are they still around?

Brown: Many of the old finishing schools have closed, because of the changing roles of women. Traditional finishing schools taught young women proper etiquette as they entered into adulthood. Additionally, finishing schools were training grounds to prepare women to meet and marry men of stature. Today, women are educationally and financially independent, so the need to prepare for men’s approval and acceptance is outdated. However, the level of engagement that finishing schools taught women is still necessary now.  Enchantress Online Dating Institute is a reapplication of the finishing school concept for Today’s women.

Q: So, how does Enchantress….prepare women for online dating?

Brown: The first step is to encourage women to expand their thinking about today’s dating environment. Many women do not like online dating, because they bring the expectations that they learned through 20th century dating.  The changing roles of women and the Internet changed the needs men and women have for each other. We now have “limited” need for each other.  Consequently, men have resigned themselves to expecting sex and limited companionship from women, where women generally want emotional, physical, spiritual and economic stability from men.

Researchers report that the marriage rate has dropped to a new low of 31.1, meaning there are about 31 marriages in the U.S. for every 1,000 unmarried women, researchers found. In 1950, that number was 90.2. In 1920, it was 92.3 (Gannon, 2013).   

What these factors mean to women is that they have to embrace new tools for getting what they want when marriage and relationships have been commoditized. Enchantress…help women present their best selves online as well as learn the rules of engagement on initial dates. Our research shows that many women don’t know how to date and maneuver within this environment. And if they want advice, there is limited practical education they can gain from their friends.

Q: So, what are some recommendations you can offer to women for more enjoyable online dating experiences as we enter 2015?

Brown: First, get educated about the fundamentals of online dating before you join one of the major dating sites or you will become frustrated, disappointed and disenchanted about the process and leave. The reason you even opted to try online dating is that you were not meeting viable prospects in-person. If you are going to win, you have to expand your online dating education. Second, your dating profile should represent your best self. Your image and words have to match the impression you want a man to see in you. If you get this part wrong, you’re going to have negative online dating experiences. Finally, have fun and play the game until a man has established a track record of trust and stability. It is truly a game until emotions are  involved. If you’re going to date, realize that the current social environment has everyone protecting himself or herself against being hurt. Consequently, people  aren’t placing themselves in vulnerable situations until logic and emotions dictate that they should. If you are going to participate in the online dating process, you have to learn the rules of engagement. In addition, if you don’t participate, you lose by not playing. Therefore, you can either play to win or lose by default. In 2015 and beyond, the choice is yours.

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Edward Brown, M.S. is a researcher and content marketer who has built an Internet information empire by helping individuals gain power, influence and love on the Internet.

Brown has advanced legal education from the University of Dayton School of Law and a master's degree form Mercer University.


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Can We talk About Sex for a Moment?

Renee Hildebrand

With online dating, many women often complain that men only want sex from them. However, according to lifestyle guru Johnny Soporno, there are basically two types of women: The kind of women men want to have sex with and the kind of women men don’t want to have sex with. And trust me; there are women that men don’t want to have sex with. It’s not necessarily true that there is someone for everyone. And if there is, some women’s choices are so limited; it feels like no choice at all. So for the record, the rest of this article is for when you have found a man that you are attracted to, you feel safe with and you have moved to the seduction phase of the relationship. 

Sex is a vital part of any relationship and it can make or break an otherwise wonderful couple. The biggest problem women have when it comes to sex is that they tend to be overly self-conscious. This leads to a lack of focus on what is going on, which leads to frustration and disappointment for both parties.

Not only that, some women also voice their insecurities, which makes it even worse. Ladies, you need to stop focusing on what you think is wrong with you and enjoy the moment. If he’s there with you and he is telling you that you turn him on, please believe him. After all, guys can’t fake it. Seriously, not in this instance. 

If he is in the bedroom with you, then he is already turned on by who you are right now. Pointing out your cellulite or trying to hide a part of your body for fear you might look fat or wobbly is like shining a spotlight on it for him to see, where he probably would never have noticed otherwise. Men just don’t see those things we think of as imperfections until you point them out.
Another problem many couples run into is that sex becomes routine and slowly dries up and disappears completely. Society is as much to blame for this as we are. We forget that sex is supposed to be fun as well as a great way to bond with your partner. 

In a relationship seminar conducted by a famous inspirational speaker, he told the story of a couple who were in their nineties and had been together for more than sixty years. However, they were still deeply in love with each other and it showed because they expressed themselves physically as well. So much so that the speaker suggested they might want to retire to their room. When asked what their secret was, the couple responded that, amongst other things, they would try anything once. If they liked it, they would do it again.

In other words, variety is the spice of life and sex is nothing to be ashamed of. The more variety you have in your sex life, the less likely it is that it will become boring and a matter of obligation rather than enjoyment. 

There are so many things you can do to keep your sex life interesting, from surprising your man with an impromptu romp to role-playing for him. You can be sure that he will definitely want to play along. Remember that it does not always have to be a Hollywood production of the perfect romantic evening. Sometimes a hot, sweaty, fast roll in the hay is exactly what the doctor ordered. You’ll also find that it is a great way to relieve tension as well. So go ahead. Live a little. Start enjoying more of the best part of life now.

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